New Model Coming again .

Our factory is a leading high-tech enterprise specialized in designing, producing, maintenance,has advanced equipment and strong technology and design new styles by ourselves.our product are deeply welcome by all of our customer ,those days ,we have developed new product again .New product .New design ,bring your New business again .Let me introduce new product on by one ,we will constantly keep updating new products in order to meet customer’s all the requests.
Look at our new model named “Juice Dispenser ” New design with 3 tanks fruit juice dispenser cold beverage dispenser ,Cooling drinks to keep your cool all summer .so popular model in the market .
The Juice Dispenser can be used for multiple purposes .Application for
widely used in hotels,bars,restaurants,coffee hall,drink shops,movie theatre,enterprises,etc.
Dispense fruit juices,frozen cocktails,coffees,cappuccino,tea,soup,hot wine,milkshake,yoghourt and any other cup of cold drinks keep your fresh and cool . ok now i will introduce product some specification .
please see below specification for your :
1、Cold Juice Dispenser with Automatic control
2、One,Two,and three 18L tank to choose
3、 Cold drink machine with stainless iron panel complete mirror design
4、Excellent appearance,easy operation convenient for use
5、Tank material using PC and low temperature resistant
6、Fast cooling with High quality compressor
7、Cold juice dispenser all the parts using in cold drink machine are environment friendly
8、Energy conservation and environment protection
9、The spray and mixing functional can offer to client choose
10、Suitable for a variety of taste drinks ,as original Juice ,Milk Tea

Please see below picture in detail :


Dear all my customer .if your were interested our new produce Juice Dispenser ,Don’t hesitated to contact with me .New product were very popular all the world ,looking forwarder your kindy email or calling .tks

Post time: Aug-23-2022