• New Model Coming again .

    New Model Coming again .

    Our factory is a leading high-tech enterprise specialized in designing, producing, maintenance,has advanced equipment and strong technology and design new styles by ourselves.our product are deeply welcome by all of our customer ,those days ,we have developed new product again .New product .New d...
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  • New Model Coming

    New Model Coming

    Hello My dear  all customer .Today I will bring your good news .that our factory developed new produce , I will introduce to your here .So amazing for this product .Small size but big function .Everyone Knew the Capsule Coffee Maker ,only for coffee drinking .but our Machine can have different Ca...
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  • AIDEWO coffee machine to help the West Security Games

    AIDEWO coffee machine to help the West Security Games

    Aidewo coffee dispenser were very popular in this THE WAST SECURITY GAMES .Many people like to drink coffee ,our coffee machine used coffee powder ,cooling by compressor ,it can have hot coffee ,and cold juice .both of them. 3 or 4 independent large capacity coffee power...
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  • Napa — Technology is changing lives

    Napa — Technology is changing lives

    In Napa Valley, there is a legend that whoever marries the Sun Princess will reap happiness, as long as he can keep yesterday! A young man came to the princess with the "magic box" left by his grandfather. box is opennning, there was a bottle of wine, the princess tasted...
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  • Major Exhibitions NEWS

    Major Exhibitions NEWS

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