Napa — Technology is changing lives

In Napa Valley, there is a legend that whoever marries the Sun Princess will reap happiness, as long as he can keep yesterday! A young man came to the princess with the "magic box" left by his grandfather. box is opennning, there was a bottle of wine, the princess tasted a bite, immediately to the elegant and conquered, but young man sealed the bottle of wine to the next day, the young princess and tasted the wine yesterday, found that in taste, no change, as if returned to yesterday, young man, becoming a husband of the princess.

According to legend, a bottle of wine in a fresh (magic box), the achievement of the youth and the princess of happiness. And the real Napa Valley is also known as the world's top wine country .One of napa's greatest strengths is that it pushes the boundaries of old world tradition and modern technology into wine production, which has helped propel napa's wines to the top of the world. People there believe that technology can change lives.

The Napa brand continues the spirit of Napa Valley and is dedicated to changing people's wine life with modern technology. "Napa" by summarizing the previous experience of wine preservation, integration of modern technology, the legendary "magic box" ---- preservation wine separator, into reality. The real realization of open bottle fresh wine. So that connoisseurs and lovers can enjoy the beauty of top wine for a long time, no longer for the wine is fleeting and regret.


How do you solve the dilemma of opening and preserving a bottle of wine?

For wine lovers and professional tasters, it's not easy to acquire a bottle of your favorite wine.

The better the wine, the more likely it is to go bad in a short time.

The better a wine is, the more likely it is to go bad in a short time, which can be a great pity when you can't finish it. The better the wine, the more likely it is to spoil in a short time.

The taste and elegance of the wine is lost, which means even more waste!

Our wine dispenser can help to solve above all the problem .if you have anything to know ,don’t hesitated to contact with us.

Post time: Sep-08-2021