Model No: SC-4SB

SC-4SB Wine bottle dispenser with 4 bottle

SC-4SB Wine bottle dispenser with 4 bottle Featured Image
  • SC-4SB Wine bottle dispenser with 4 bottle
  • SC-4SB Wine bottle dispenser with 4 bottle

Short Description:

Best fresh, Accurately quota wine dispensing ,Unique technology of the wine freshness in the new age.

A Relaxing night starts with wine

4 bottle of Wine Dispenser

Stainless steel Design .

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4 Bottle of wine dispenser with stainless steel design

With two temperature zone .different temperature for each zone.

Being isolated by Argon or Nitrogen gas , red wine ,fresh way of any election also

Stainless steel design material very strong.

Powerful refrigeration, cooling temperature as you like(7C°-18C°)

Vacuum double –deck glass door

Nitrogen preservation of red wine for 30days

Free discharge ,fixed discharge 20ml ,40ml .60ml .80ml,fixed discharge 1-99ml

Keep wine fresh system to use the inert gas ,cause the red wine not send out ,in the air impurity and the red isolation ,keep the red wine fresh, original taste ,keep the original red wine flavor .keep fresh and cold for open red wine

Temperature be adjustable

Healthy ,environmental without pollution ,beautiful design, easy to operate ,green environmental protection

For home and coffee use

Automatic washing.

Keep Wine freshness Keep Wine cooling , ,Keep wine dispensing.

Technical Parameter

Rated voltage : 220V/50 Hz 110V/60Hz

Refrigerant : R134a /R600

Cooling power: 95W

Cooling temperature : 7℃-18℃

Preservation time: Argon, Nitrogen ,within 30days

Working ambient Temperature : 5℃-28℃

Product Size(mm): 655×310×605

Packing Size(mm): 720×410×640

Net weight(Kg): 40

Gross weight(Kg): 45

Wine dispenser---the magic key to the success

Bar dealer---to make your wealthy dream come true

Wine brand businessman ---to find new growing point for you

Wine seller---to open salable door for you

Hotel user---to expand the top market for you

Bar, western restaurant –to create greatest service for you .

Wine cellar designer---to be with unique advantages for you

Gift dealer---to attract excellent customers

Temperature for each type of wine:

Semi-sweet and sweet red wines 14-16°C

Dry red wines 16-22°C

Semi-dry red wines 16-18°C

Dry white wines 8-10°C

Semi-dry white wines 8-12°C

Semi-sweet, sweet white wines 10-12°C

Brandy up to 15°C

Ice wine 4-8°C

Factory direct professional quality

Napa Wine Preserving Dispensers from Edelweiss are professionally manufactured

Wine preserving and dispensing machines - a one-stop-shop service provider

A large number of stock, quality and prestige, customer first.

Welcome buyers to come and buy.

Large quantities are welcome.

Welcome new and old customers to consult and discuss the purchase of wholesale.

The company is responsible for the sales, training, after-sales, branding, product technical services, etc. - - series of equipment.



Equilibrium pressure gas injection

Automatically dry cleaning by the nitrogen

Shut the door on the oxygen

Optional constant temperature and humidity ,better for red wine

Anti-UV double door ,keep the UV damage away from the red wine

Freely temperature adjustment, optional temperature 7℃-18℃,good to all kinds of red wine .

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